IE9 RC supports Geolocation and enables a web application/web site to access your geographical location of the PC running IE9, then web page tailors user experience according to the location.  If you want disable Geolocation in IE9, here is how to do it.

disable Geolocation in IE9

With Geolocation enabled IE9, any website you visit wants to track your location then IE shows a dialog box at the bottom. You’ll have the options to allows site once or to allow always or to deny that site to track your location forever. 

physical location tracking in IE 9

IE9 uses Microsoft service that uses your IP address and near by Wi-Fi access points to determine your location.

Disabling Geolocation in IE9

1. Open Internet Explorer, click Tools>Internet Options> click Privacy tab

2. Under Location select “Never allow website to request your physical location”, click “ Clear Sites”  and click Apply followed by OK to save changes.