Google Chrome 9 stable version has been released with WebGL, Chrome Instant aka Google Instant and Chrome WebStore. This release fixes lot of security bugs founds in Chrome 8 version.

WebGL enables hardware accelerated 3D-graphics to the Chrome browser. With WebGL, you can experience rich 3D experiences right inside Chrome browser with no additional need of software. Try some demos here with latest Chrome stable release.

Google Chrome 9

Chrome 9 integrates Google Instant into Omnibox and offers search results and suggestions instantly as you type if Google is set as default search engine.  But you need to enable Instant in the Basics tab of Chrome options for that. Google calls Instant in Chrome as Chrome Instant.

Google added Chrome WebStore link and two sample apps to New Tab Page for U.S users. These two sample apps will disappear after some time if you don’t use them.

If you want to install Chrome 9 stable offline on multiple PCs, you can download Google Chrome 9 stable offline installer from below link.

Google Chrome 9 stable offline installer  [24MB].