If you remember Google’s promise to release newer version of Chrome for every 6 weeks then Google Chrome 9 stable took long time to release, Chrome 9 release delayed due to Chrome team taken holidays for Christmas and New Year.  Apart from WebGL, Chrome Instant here are features in Google Chrome 9 you may not know.

1. Completely hide Apps, Most Visited and Recently Closed Sections on New Tab Page

Worried about your family members or relatives may see your “Most Visited” and “Recently Closed” sites on New Tab  Page if you shared your Computer, in Chrome 9 you can completely hide these sections as if New Tab Page looks blank. Hover mouse pointer over right corner of any section and click close button. You can access and restore these sections from bottom of the page.

hide apps, most visited and recenly closed sections

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2. Hide extension’s icons on Chrome toolbar

Not only Chrome allows to rearrange extensions icons on toolbar but also allows to hide extensions buttons too. Right click on any extension icon on the toolbar and click “hide button”.

3. Enable Tabbed options menu

Tabbed options menu enabled by default for Chrome Canary 10 and Developer builds, want to access tabbed options menu for Chrome 9, add “–enable-tabbed-options “ switch after Chrome.exe in the Target field for Chrome desktop shortcut.

4. Create desktop shortcuts to web apps, right click on any app icon on New Tab Page and click create Shortcut.

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