FileWing is a free app with easy-to- use wizards lets you recover deleted files and also wipes files securely so that they never recoverable. So FileWing is files undeleter and Eraser, a two-in-one app rare to find. 


FileWing scans internal, external hard drives and USB drives to recover the accidentally deleted data, there is no guarantee that every file deleted is recoverable there are best chances of finding and restoring them if they’ve not overwritten in your hard drive. 

FileWing UI

FileWing free version allows to search for all type of files to recover, filtering file types available in Pro version. If you don’t want to waste your time for long, prefer Smart Scan offered by FileWing, which works fast and finds files that are only recoverable. Deep Scan will take long time and FileWing finds damaged files with this scan option.

FileWing shows recoverable and unrecoverable files, select files to recover and click Recover button.

FileWing deletes data safely using  different methods, you can choose between seven different algorithms which overwrites the files to be deleted with different patterns from 1 to 35 times.

FileWing is freeware, works with Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download FileWing Free version