Avast 6 free antivirus Beta released with AutoSandbox technology which allows to run suspiciously identified files in its Sandbox. AuoSandbox mode enabled in Avast 6 doesn’t mean that suspiciously detected applications will run automatically in the virtualized environment, instead Avast AutoSandbox asks you to open the application in Sandbox.

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Users will have three options : execute the file with in the virtual AutoSandbox, run it outside the Sandbox,  Or cancel the application from running entirely. If you want to run suspicious files with in the virtual AutoSandbox automatically then, here is how to enable AutoSandbox mode in Avast 6.

avast sandbox

Enabling AutoSandbox mode in Avast 6

  • Open Avast User Interface, Click  “Additional Protection” setting on the left side, and  then click AutoSandbox
  • Click Settings> for AutoSandbox mode choose  “Auto” and Click “Ok” to save Changes.

enable AutoSandbox mode in Avast 6