Till now Trustware’s Sandboxing application BufferZone Pro is a  paid one and now it is a  freeware. Antivirus or Internet Security Suits installed in your Computer protects you from threats to certain level where as BufferZone Pro doesn’t require any signature updates, runs applications in virtualization environment, so viruses and threats will not effect your original system.

BufferZone Pro freeware

BufferZone Pro protects your privacy and your system, even a botnet can’t infect and and take control of your PC. Attacks would occur inside isolated environment where all threats are kept separated from your PC’s environment.

BufferZone Pro for free

You can confidently surf the web, download files, do e-banking, chatting, email messages to your friends.  “My Documents” folder will be locked to keep your information safe in a trusted environment.  BufferZone Pro’s Virtual Zone, isolated virtual environment displayed as a red border around your screen.

You can edit this program’s settings to allow certain applications/all applications to run outside . You can track the programs running in the BufferZone from its application window.

BufferZone Pro is freeware.

Download BufferZone Pro