Bins is simple and intuitive taskbar organizer for Windows 7 allows to drag icons together onto the taskbar to form a group called as “Bin”and access them via a popup with a mouse over. This app helps to combine related programs into “Bins” on your taskbar and allows to launch them quickly from tidy, Clutter free taskbar.

Bins to group taskbar icons in Windows 7

How to create and use Bins

Create a Bin by dragging an icon on top of another on to the taskbar.  To launch an app, mouse over the group’s icon to view your shortcuts via a popup, move your mouse pointer away and Bin will tuck back to the Taskbar.

You can ungroup an icon by dragging icon back to the taskbar. Another advantage with Bins, it allows to pin any file or folder to the taskbar.

Bins is currently in Private Beta, you can signup for invite to get notified when it is released.