We’ve covered about Beta release of Avast 6 free antivirus with AutoSandbox technology, in fact Avast is the first free antivirus to offer free virtualization technology to all users. AutoSandbox feature will be available for free to all users including Avast Free antivirus, Pro antivirus and premium internet security suite.

Working of AutoSandbox in Avast 6

AutoSandbox offers three options for users to whenever suspicious application is identified and prompted to run in safe virtualized environment: 1. execute the file within the virtual AutoSandbox, 2. run it outside the sandbox or 3. cancel running the application entirely.

Avast AutoSandbox

When  user allows to run suspicious program in the Sandbox, the program will run as usual but operations like files opened/created/renamed and read/writes from registry are monitored  and virtualized, that means stored only in the sandbox and no permanent changes will be saved to user’s system.