If you spent more time on Twitter, one of the annoying thing any user come across is Twitter’s lack of auto-refresh of tweets in the timeline, you’ve to keep clicking or refresh the page whenever new tweets are posted. Go productive, here are options to auto refresh twitter for new tweets to appear.

Auto Refresh Twitter

Twitter Refresh extension for Chrome automatically refreshes your timeline when there are new tweets. This extension uses native new tweets feature of Twitter.com.

Update: Below are more extensions for Chrome that auto refresh a page automatically after your specified time interval.

Easy AutoRefresh: Install the extension, after signing into Twitter, click on the extension icon, set the time in seconds to refresh, click ‘Start’. You need to do this only once.

Page Refresh: After installing this, click on the icon at the end of the toolbar and the set time interval.

Note: If you found the timer distracting for the above extensions, hide their buttons.

Reload Every extension for Firefox allows to reload any page after specified interval of minutes or seconds. When you are logged into twitter, right click on the page, an enable “Reload Every” and select page to refresh for a specific interval.

Echofon for Windows, A Twitter Desktop Client

Greasemonkey Script Twitter auto-refresh for Firefox automatically refreshes Twitter homepage for every X seconds. This script postpones refreshing when user is typing after each update.

Install Twitter Auto-refresh

Opera offers Reload Every Firefox extension features by default, right click on twitter page, select page to reload after specified minutes or seconds.