Bloggers use Twitter as medium to share posts to their followers and if they are useful your tweet will retweets and spreads on twitter but all this happen if your followers are active while you are tweeting, otherwise your tweets will get no attention. Tweriod is twitter app that analyses your followers streams and finds when they are online the most and let you know the best time to post your tweets.


Tweriod will fetch the list of followers from your twitter account and analyzes their last 200 tweets.  Based on when they tweet reports are generated.

Tweriod does take long time to generate the report due to need to fetch tweets (maximum of 5000)  from all your followers. The number of followers you have and number of requests already in the queue for Tweriod,  the more the delay.

Visit Tweriod and sign in with your twitter username and password, since this app connects to your twitter account via Oauth you don’t need to be fear of loosing your password.

The generated report will be sent to you via Twitter DM.