Tweetbookr is Adobe AIR based application allows to connect to Twitter, Facebook and Flickr accounts directly from your desktop. With Tweetbookr you no longer need to trawl through three different social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr for your daily social networking tasks, all you need to setup Tweetbookr once to connect to these sites Tweetbookr and you are ready to access these three sites from Tweetbookr.


With Tweetbookr on Twitter you can able to

  • Update your status ( and copy the message to Facebook)
  • View your home and profile fields.
  • Reply, retweet and direct message your contacts.
  • View incoming and send outgoing private messages.
  • Supports Oauth.

From Tweetbookr for your Facebook account

  • Update your status (and copy the message to Twitter)
  • View your news feed and wall.
  • Comment on status updates.
  • Create new photo albums and drag  ‘n’ drop to upload photos.

For Flickr

  • View photos in your stream.
  • Drag ‘n’ drop to upload photos.
  • view your contacts and recent uploads.

Tweetbookr is freeware, works in all Windows Operating Systems.

Download Tweetbookr