Thumbico a small free portable app with easy-to- use interface allows to drag and drop any file such as image, document, video, or a program on your Computer to view them as thumbnails or icons. Thumbico allows to save  them as images, offers Glass Mode for screen short purposes.

Drag and drop any item on your Computer onto Thumbico window, the file path will be shown and you can able to make the image bigger or smaller with keyboard shortcuts Ctrl ++ or Ctrl + – . With “Naked Mode” you can able to view the whole image without any UI elements of Thumbico.


Menu with options will be visible when you click Menu on the right side of Thumbico window. You can able to save any image to standard sizes such as 16*16 , 24*24, 32 *32 and so on  up to 256*256 .

You can save the thumbnail or icon to a JPEG, PNG, GIF, or BMP or can be copied to the clipboard. Software developers can know how their icons looks at different sizes (Taskbar size, Start Menu size, Desktop Size) and how their icons transparency blends with  different backgrounds.

Thumbico is freeware and portable, no installation required, works in Windows Vista/7.

Download Thumbico [ 77 KB].