Windows 7 by offers mini programs called gadgets which you can place on desktop like Clock, calendar and other gadgets that beautifies your Windows desktop, if you are not using gadgets or not having Windows 7  you can use SE-DesktopConstructor to customize your desktop.


SE-DesktopConstructor features

  • Free wallpaper constructor for windows
  • Automatically changes desktop background image for every day, hour or even minute.
  • You can change background color or color gradient to your taste.
  • SE-DesktopConstructor displays digital clock on wallpaper, you can select your desired clock from 20 presets.
  • You can create your own calendar for your desktop.
  • Create colored areas for the icons on the desktop.

You can able to add beautiful images in your hard drive as wallpaper through settings of SE-DesktopConstructor, as images comes with this app doesn’t look colorful.

SE-DesktopConstructor is freeware and portable version is available.

Download SE-DesktopConstructor

Download SE-DesktopConstructor (portable version)