Yet another Prospector experiment from Mozilla Labs called Home Dash developed to improve search and content discovery in Firefox. Home Dash removes UI elements like location bar, search bar and tabs from Firefox browser interface and you’ will be left with a lone Firefox logo which brings up the dash board.

Home Dash displays top 24 sites on the right side based on your browser behavior, on left corner  a search box appears where you can type and instantly matched top sites shown. By hovering mouse cursor over top site you can see the instant preview of the page.

Home Dash offers search icons like Google, Bing below the search box where for example you can click Google icon and type query in the search box and get search results on the right, if you want you can activate a second search by clicking Bing icon to get side-by-side results with Bing.

You can try Home Dash experiment if you’re using  latest Firefox 4 Beta.