PhotoBatcher is a free app with pleasant interface makes it easy to resize group of photos  at once and let you copy them to a Zip file, or sent them through email or upload to social sites like twitter, Facebook and Flickr without need to open your browser, yes you can login to your email, or social sites from PhotoBatcher app it self.

PhotoBatcher resizes groups of photos at once

Download and install PhotoBatcher in your Computer, click Start button from PhotoBatcher user interface, click ‘+’ sign to create an album and name it with the option “Pick Files” being pre-selected.


Select Pictures by navigating to the images folder in your Computer, now click arrow icon next to album name on the left to get the options to copy, Zip, Email and upload photos.

You can able copy and Zip these resized images to a separate folder in your Computer. You can able to email resized images from PhotoBatcher with Gmail and Hotmail supported. You can upload images to twitter, Flickr and on Facebook by signing into your accounts from this app it self.

PhotoBatcher is freeware, supports Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download PhotoBatcher