Panda Batch File Reanamer is free and portable app with intuitive interface allows to rename multiple files at once.  This app can renames file names of Pictures, music files and all type of files.  After renaming of files Panda Batch File Renamer shows current and final file names side-by-side along with any changes are displayed on the screen.

Panda Batch File Renamer

For the first run, Panda Batch File Renamer shows “setup columns” dialog window to select type of files you wish to rename, offers Rename of – Pictures and  images, music files, all file types. Select option to rename type of files and proceed to alter names of files with options shown by Panda Batch Renamer user interface.

Panda Batch File Renamer is freeware, works with Windows XP/Vista/7 and .Net Framework 3.5 is to be installed in your Computer for this app to work.

Download Panda Batch File Renamer