Till now O&O Software offered O&O Defrag Pro version which we need to buy to use it, O&O software released Free version of O&O Defrag software offers regular defragmentation which ensures quicker access times while also protecting the Computer’s mechanics and extending the life of hardware.

O&O Defrag free edition

The advantages with defragmentation, even with sudden loss of data, chances of restoring data are more when data in hard drive is organized and uncluttered. With defragmented hard drive time needed to create a backup image of the data is also reduced.

O&O Defrag Free Edition functions

1.O&O Defrag free not only merges scattered file fragments, it also repositions unused spaces on your hard disk .

2. O&O Defrag Free offers two defragmentation methods.

  • optimize quickly defragments your available files but doesn’t merge the free spaces of your hard disk which is fastest kind of defragmentation. 
  • optimize defragments your files and merges free space on your hard disk,this method takes more time but prevents new fragmentation from quickly happening.

3. O&O Defrag free divides your files into three zones.

  • Zone 1 (fastest access time) : Windows system files and installed programs.
  • Zone 2 (fast access time): User data such as office documents, temporary files, user profile etc.
  • Zone 3 (medium access time): Infrequently used data and very large files.

O&O Defrag Free Edition supports Windows XP/Vista/7 (both 32 & 64-bit).

Download O&O Defrag Free Edition