You heard right guys!, MP32FLV is a cool online service that lets you to upload MP3 files to YouTube and Facebook. This site allows you to convert an MP3 file and JPEG image to a video and then automatically uploads to YouTube or Facebook.


Update: Site is no longer available, hence removed the link. Try this alternative: TunestoTube 

All you need to do is visit MP32FLV site (update: Site is no longer available, hence removed the link) and upload an MP3 file with some JPEG image file (or you can choose the default one offered by the site), then select the Settings such as Aspect Ratio, Quality and click “Convert” button. : Crop and Share Your Favorite Parts of YouTube Videos with Ease

Then MP3 and JPEG will be combined, and uploaded automatically to YouTube and Facebook.  MP32FLV authenticates with YouTube and Facebook by redirecting for a login.