There are free and paid SEO report tools like Website Grader available to let you know how your blog is performing based on your site’s traffic rank, search engine data,  blog rank and on site’s performance, try Menae, an online service ranks sites based on your site’s Search engine data, buzz about your site on social sites,  how much content shared on social bookmarking sites, how often other bloggers linking to your blog.

Menae, site ranking service

Menae checks your site’s rankings for multiple areas like below and generates Menae Rank for your website

  • Search Engine Score, based number of pages indexed by major search engines.
  • Social Media Score, based on your site being discussed on social sites.
  • Traffic Score, based on number of visitors visiting your site.
  • Social Bookmarking Score, how much of your site’s content shared on social bookmarking sites.
  • Blog Score, how often bloggers are linking to your blog.

Menae Rank for a site

Visit Menae and enter your website address ex. and click the search icon.