Popular Google Chrome browser is based on open source Chromium browser, but when compared to Chrome Chromium won’t updates it self to the latest version, we’ve covered updating Chromium to latest version with Chromium Updater, JChromiumUpdater Java based application helps to update Chromium browser to the newest version.


You can manually download latest build of Chromium from here.  With JChromiumUpdater you can able to keep Chromium browser to up-to-date.

JChromiumUpdater is free portable app, download and run the app. Choose the Chromium Folder, operating system you are using and select the version to download and click “Update Chromium Browser for me”.

Download JChromiumUpdater

PS . Since Chromium not installed in my Computer, JChromiumUpdater showing “unable to find Chromium version “for version installed option in the screenshot.