There is buzz about RSS being dead leave RSS is dead or alive, based on test pilot program Mozilla came to know that only few users using RSS icon to subscribe to websites, hence Mozilla removed RSS icon from location bar and added the subscribe to the page option to bookmarks menu. Do you want RSS icon back in location bar in Firefox 4 ? RSS Icon add-on will does that for you.

RSS Icon in the address bar for Firefox 4

For minimalistic interface Mozilla removed status bar and RSS icon, both these moves will annoy users.  Status-4-Evar add-on adds status bar functionality to Firefox 4 same the case with RSS Icon though RSS icon permanently removed in Firefox 4 it is hidden toolbar.

You can drag and drop RSS icon from Firefox button>Options>Toolbar layout to anywhere on navigation bar.

After installing RSS Icon add-on, RSS Icon appears in URL bar of Firefox as similar to in Firefox 3/3.6. versions. This RSS Icon currently not working with Firefox 4 beta 9, but hoping this add-on will be updated and works with final release of Firefox 4.

Download RSS Icon Add-on for Firefox