Unlike other URL shortening sites Fav7 allows to create a short Page for multiple URLs which can hold up to 7 URLs  and offers one link to share.  Fav7 offers a screenshot for the URLs which you about to visit with WOT ratings. So you can not only preview URLs through thumbnails but also know whether shared URLs are safe are not through WOT safety ratings.


Fav7  describes importance of their service by saying  “ most short url sites just shorten a URL which you can share, but what if you need a number of short urls?  You have to create them all manually which in many ways defeats the whole purpose of short URLs.  Fav7 is different, we offer our users the ability to create a short page which can hold up to seven urls and you only have one link to share”.

Visit Fav7 site,  enter up to 7 URLs in the input boxes  click “FAV7 IT”,  Fav7 generates short page URL which you can share with your friends. Upon visiting short page in the browser by clicking the link fav7 shows the screenshot of the URLs with WOT safety ratings.