Firefox 4 allows users to constantly Pin a website to the tab bar, Mozilla calls these pinned tabs as App Tabs.  To turn a tab into an App Tab,  you need to right click on the tab and select “Pin as App Tab“,  Easy App Tabs restartless add-on for Firefox allows you to double click a tab to convert to/from app tab.

App Tabs does save real estate on the tab bar of the Firefox browser and moreover, these app tabs stay permanent and opens whenever your Open Firefox browser.

Double click a tab to convert to app tab in Firefox 4 with Easy App Tabs


Keyboard Shortcut to Pin or UnPin Tab in Firefox

A lot of users going to use their regular used websites like Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and other sites as app tabs in Firefox 4, with Easy App Tabs, you can able to easily toggle your App Tabs with a double click.

Easy App Tabs works with Firefox 4 Beta 4 – Beta 9 pre .

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