Though the buzz about Yahoo shutting down Delicious was not now,  but still its better to export all your Delicious bookmarks. Delimarks Chrome extension allows to import Delicious bookmarks into Chrome’s native ‘other bookmarks’.

Delimarks imports Delicious Bookmarks

Delimarks Chrome extension features

  • Each tag becomes a folder containing the tagged bookmarks
  • Each bundle becomes a folder of tag folders
  • Unbundled tag folders are placed in the "Other bookmarks" root folder
  • Bookmarks are duplicated so they appear in every relevant tag/folder
  • Your Bookmark Bar is preserved and not touched, but note everything currently in "Other bookmarks" is deleted when you run Import.

After installing Delimarks, click Extensions from Tools menu and click Options for Delimarks in the extensions page. Enter your username and password and click “ Save” .  Click  “Import Delicious Bookmarks”  button and Delimarks will do the rest.

Delimarks Chrome extension