Update: Since AirTel’s 3G ready page isn’t working, we’ve added Tata Docomo’s 3G Ready checking page (this one’s also throwing 404, another one from Vodafone has been added), you can find the link for it at the bottom.

While few months back, BSNL launched 3G services in India so as the largest Telecom operator, Airtel today launched 3G services, every mobile handset doesn’t supports 3G network. Wondering whether your mobile handset supports 3G or not?, Here is how to check .

Check Mobile Handset’s compatibility for 3G network

1. Visit is Airtel’s is you mobile ready for 3G page

2. Select handset’s company and select model, click submit.

Check your Mobile ready for 3G

There are two kinds of 3G phones – HSPA and WCDMA enabled where HSPA handsets allows data connections up to 21 MBPS per users in good coverage and quality conditions. Where as WCDMA handset allows data connections up to 384kbps per user in good coverage and quality conditions.

So HSPA mobiles can be preferred over WCDMA mobiles with advantages like

  • Faster downloads and sophisticated applications support.
  • Faster response time between network and device , improving the download times and network performance.
  • Improved network performance also leads to significant savings in the battery life of the device.
  • Far better response  due to quality reception resulting from higher bit rates.

Update 1 : Visit Vodafone’s 3G compatible Handset Check page, and select your phone handset and see your handset is listed on the page or not.