Mobile Number Portability (MNP) enables mobiles users to change to desired Mobile network operator without the need to change their mobile numbers, MNP will be available to all mobile subscribers across India from Jan 20, 2011 onwards.

Till now, if you’re not satisfied with network connectivity of network Operator and other services offered by them, you can change to desired network, but you need to change your mobile number and inform to all relatives and friends about it’s change which is a tough task to any one.

Now with Mobile Number Portability, you can switch to desired network operator by retaining your mobile number, solves chaos of many mobile subscribers. In fact MNP is a boon to Mobile subscribers.

To change to another network operator

1. SMS from your mobile   PORT < your mobile number>  to 1900, after that, you will receive a reply message with 8 digit Unique Porting Code (UPC) .

2.  This Unique Porting Code expires after 15 days, so meanwhile, visit network operator showroom in your city you wish to change to and hand over  the following

  • Identification card
  • Address Proof,
  • Color Photo
  • Along with mention your UPC code  and pay  19 /- rupees.

3. After that, they will give you a new MNP SIM card.

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Note: You should know, it will take 5 days to change your mobile number to another network. While changing to new operator, old SIM will not function for 2 hours. You should continue at least 90 days on new operator to change to another network operator after that.