When Tab Candy aka Firefox Panorama was first introduced, shortcut to access Tab groups was Ctrl+Space later due to IME incompatibilities Panorama shortcut is changed to Ctrl+E.  If you are uncomfortable with Panorama shortcut as it interferes with any other web apps in the Firefox 4 browser, then you can use Change Panorama Shortcut add-on to change panorama shortcut to according to your needs.

After installing Change Panorama Shortcut

  • Type  about:config in the address bar proceed by agreeing to the warning.
  • Change  ‘extensions.changepanoramashortcut.key ‘ to your needs.
  • Change ‘extensions.changepanoramashortcut.modifiers’ to your needs.
  • Restart Firefox browser.

chnage panorama shortcut

You can change key value ‘E’ to any printable character (even space also).
Modifiers can be any one of  ‘meta’, ‘Shift’, ‘Control’, ‘accel’, ‘alt’.
Change Panorama Shortcut is an experimental add-on,  works with Firefox 4.0b10pre -4.0*.

Download Change Panorama Shortcut