We used to install backgrounds on Windows desktop till now,  now you can install backgrounds directly on your Firefox browser with Browser Backgrounds Firefox extension whenever you open New Tab in Firefox new background or wallpaper appears in Firefox.

Browser Backgrounds lets you install infinite number of backgrounds and manage them. You can even install your personal or own photos on the Firefox browser. If you’re bored with  Firefox’s blank new tab look,  you can install various backgrounds with Browser Backgrounds Firefox extension and Firefox shows them whenever you open the new tab page.

Browser Backgrounds for Firefox

After installing Browser Backgrounds, its icon appears on status bar you can right click on it and click “Browser Backgrounds” to open Browser Backgrounds backgrounds collection,  you can add your own photos from your Computer there.

Install Browser Backgrounds add-on and restart the browser, enjoy the new backgrounds or your own photos to Firefox.

Browser Background works with  Firefox 3.0 – Firefox 4.0b9 pre.