We can easily block websites by adding websites addresses in the host file mapping with non- existing IP addresses, Internet Firewall is a free parental control software allows to block websites accessing from browser or any application.

Internet Firewall changes system files in a way that any person using the Computer can not access the specified websites from any software or browser.

block websites easily with Internet Firewall

Using Internet Firewall

1. Download and install Internet Firewall software, type the website address in the application window. You should use www instead of http://  while entering the website address.

2 . After entering the website, click “Block” to let Internet Firewall to block the specified website, in this way, you can block all unwanted websites.

3.  First, you need to enter  a password to use the application. Once you’ve blocked a specific website, any browser or application can’t access that website.

4. You can unblock the blocked website by selecting a website address from the Internet Firewall window.

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Internet Firewall is freeware, works in Windows XP/Vista/7, requires .Net framework to be installed in your Computer to work.

Download Internet Firewall