We’ve covered how to update Avira Antivir  offline,  if you  are using Avira Antivir you can manually download virus definitions  (VDF) file and update your antivirus on offline Computer.  Another way you an do this is by building VDF update file from currently updated Avira Antivir installed in your Computer and distributing that file for other Computers.   Avira Antivir VDF Builder helps to do this.

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Avira Antivir VDF Builder is small free application that can build Avira VDF Update file from existing or installed Avira without need of download VDF file. You can use this build VDF update file on multiple Computers offline.

Avira Antivir VDF Builder is freeware, requires Avira Antivir 1o and above.

Download  Avira Antivir VDF Builder