Google launched their eBookstore with more than 3 million Google eBooks available in the U.S from the best sellers to find, shop and buy. Google eBooks are compatible with many devices like netbooks, laptops,  smartphones and e-Readers.

read Google eBook with Google eBooks Web Reader

With Google eBooks Web Reader you can able to buy, store and read Google eBooks in the cloud.  You can able to access eBooks like messages in Gmail  or Photos in Picasa with your free Google account with unlimited eBooks storage.

Google eBooks is compatible with any browser with JavaScript enabled, you can try Google eBooks Web Reader with a sample book or shop at the Google eBookstore to start reading over 3 million eBooks instantly.

Google eBooks Web Reader details

  • Unlimited storage for ebooks.
  • 2-page reading mode.
  • Search within book.
  • Adjust text size, typeface, line space, justification.
  • Free samples of books.
  • Information about book.
  • Worry-free archive.