TwitterPasswordDecryptor recovers twitter account passwords stored by popular browsers.  Most of the browsers stores login credentials of visited websites of user which helps user not to type them again, every time they need to enter password.  These browsers stored passwords are encrypted and TwitterPasswordDecryptor crawls these browsers and recovers all twitter account passwords.


Using TwitterPasswordDecryptor

1.Run the TwitterPasswordDecryptor and click “Start Recovery”.

2.All passwords stored for various apps stored by browsers will be shown, these passwords will not be visible until you click “Show Password” button at the bottom of app window.

3. You  can export all recovered password list to text or HTML file.

TwitterPasswordDecryptor features

  • Instantly decrypts and recovers stored encrypted Twitter account password from popular web browsers.
  • Automatically discovers the supported applications from their respective install location and recovers the password instantly.
  • Sort feature to arrange the displayed password list by username and password which makes it easy to search through 100’s of entries.
  • Save the recovered twitter password list to HTML/Text file for transferring to other system for further use.
  • Easier and faster to use with user friendly interface.

TwitterPasswordDecryptor is freeware,  recovers twitter account passwords stored in IE, Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera browsers.

Download TwitterPasswordDecryptor