We’ve recently covered Cortex extension for Chrome allows to share the web fast from social sites such as twitter, Facebook and Tumbler, here is Trunk.ly a personalized search engine you can say which allows to track your shared links on Twitter, Facebook and on Delicious.

With the rumors about Yahoo may shutdown Delicious, Trunk.ly with its Delicious Importer imports all your Delicious links, tags, notes, to your Trunk.ly account and makes all your links searchable. 

Trunk.ly automagically collects links you share on Facebook, Twitter and Delicious, and makes them searchable.


So with tweets, retweets, likes you shared links on Twitter, Facebook and on Delicious, Trunk.ly fetches them. You need to create an account at Trunk.ly and  authorize Trunk.ly to connect  to your accounts of these sites.

Once after you connected those accounts, Trunk.ly indexes all the links shared on these social sites and these links are searchable from your Trunk.ly account. No links in your posts Trunk.ly doesn’t indexes them.