Speed Dial in Opera is like New Tab Page in Chrome allows to quickly access most visited website, by showing visited websites in thumbnails. You can click on a thumbnail on Speed Dial to open corresponding page.  You can decorate Opera’s Speed Dial with beautiful wallpaper much as of your Windows Desktop.

Speed Dail background image

Set Image from Web or from your Computer as A Speed Dial background

1. Open Opera browser, press Ctrl + T to bring up Speed Dial.

2. Right click on empty space of Speed Dial and select Configure “Speed Dial”

3. Make sure “Enable Background image” is selected in the pop-up window, Now click “Choose” button and navigate through explorer to select desired image and select “Speed Dial layout” and click Ok to save changes.

4. You can choose to image to display on Speed Dial with options from Tile, Best fit, Center, Stretch.

Similarly when you open image in a new tab from web page you can make it as a Speed Dial Background by right clicking on the image and select Use Image as Speed Dial Background.