Twitter is noisy place where you bound to get all kind of tweets depending on the people you follow,  well twitter is no more a noisy place now with as it helps to overcome information overload on twitter by allowing users to hide, filter tweets so you can only get tweets that matters for you in your timeline.

Slipstream logo

Every user can’t spend much time on twitter to read everything that appears in his timeline at the same time any user don’t want to miss out  big news or timely info.  Slipstream will help you stay on top of Twitter by highlighting tweets relevant to you so you can instantly find what matters.

Slipstream in action

With you can hide annoying tweets in your timeline and you can see/focus on what matters for you. You can create filters to hide/block tweets including  specific hashtags.  Slipstream works with

Slipstream in Beta, you  can signup here. Want to sneak peek Slipstream you can use Slipstream plugin available for Google Chrome.

After installing Slipstream plugin for Chrome, sign into Twitter click “Slipstream” icon on Chrome’s toolbar to start hide tweets in your timeline.