Recently Opera followed Chrome way of hiding HTTP protocol Of URL with their new address field, in Opera 11, all web pages get a badge to left of the address field, which replaces protocols like HTTP, HTTPS and Opera, these protocols shown only when focused on the address field. Let us take a look how to make Opera 11 to show full URL in the address field.

full URL with HTTP in Opera 11 address field

Side note: If you want to view full URL in address field of Opera 21+, check this

You can  right click on the badge in the address field and click “Show Full Web Address” or use below method.

1. Open Opera browser.

2.  Now type or paste   opera:config#UserPrefs|ShowFullURL  and press enter.

3. Select or tick mark Show Full URL under user prefs, click Save button .

show full URL in address bar in Opera

4. Restart Opera browser.