Gmail delegation feature now available for Gmail users with which you can able to grant access for others to access your Gmail account. This will be useful if you are working with a team of members or with your family members to let them access your Gmail account and read and respond to mails on their behalf.

Google Apps accounts already have email delegation, now its been made available to Gmail users as well.

Set up Gmail Delegation: granting access to your Gmail account

1. If you wish to grant access to other account, click settings click “Accounts and Import”

2. You’ll observe Grant access to your account option, click “Add another account”

   set up Gmail delegation

3. Enter account holder’s  email address and click “Next Step” and click “Send email to grant access”.

4.  A confirmation email will be send to that person to accept access to your account. Once he accepts, a small arrow button appears beside the email address at the right corner of the Gmail helpful to toggle between the accounts.

5.  Both two accounts can be visible in different tabs or window of the same browser.

Granted Gmail user able to sign into your account can read, delete and send mail on behalf of you. But that person can not change your account settings or password. After you give your account access you can always revoke this later.