Sending large files as attachments never easy through email, specially with file size limit in  certain email services.  Zeta Uploader file sharing service allows to send large files by email by simply uploading those files and entering receiver’s email address .  Zeta Uploader’s Windows client makes this even more easier.

You can select multiple files and enter receiver’s email address, you can even set after how many days and  downloads  file should be expired.  And you can even protect file with password, so that recipient need to enter that password to download the file.

Zeta Uploader

After upload process is completed,  Zeta Uploader will send download link of that file to recipient. Creating an account is not necessary for this service.

Zeta Uploader windows client

Zeta Uploader supports multiple file uploads at once with support of HTML 5.

Zeta Uploader doesn’t supports Internet Explorer (IE9 also) , Zeta Uploader works with Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Download Zeta Uploader Windows client