We’ve recently covered excellent shareware utility that has gone freeware, FILEminimizer Pictures 3.0 reduces the size of images by preserving the quality, Photo Vacuum Packer another similar free app creates optimize copies of images and saves your hard drive disk space. 

Photo Vacuum Packer is suitable  to for sending photos over internet, uploading to Facebook Profile, copying to mobile devices, backup, etc. Photo Vacuum Packer will save the optimized images in a different folder so your original images won’t be modified. Moreover this app detects duplicate images in selected folder by user and also deletes them.

Photo Vacuum Packer

Photo Vacuum Packer uses following methods for images optimization

  • Detects Duplicate photos and warns whether to copy them to destination folder or to delete them.
  • Repacks photos while keeping same dimensions, as most photos taken from digital cameras are non-optimally compressed and occupies more space.
  • Photo Vacuum Packer resizes the photos for lower resolution which reduces digital noise and also saves disk space.
  • Converting images from BMP to JPEG format saves lot of disk space at the cost of image transparency information or 8-bit pallet .

Photo Vacuum Packer is freeware, supports Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download Photo Vacuum Packer