Till now Panda Security has been offering Panda Safe Browser which uses virtualBox as part of  their Antivirus Pro and Internet Security software, Panda Security now offering Panda Safe Browser free to all users irrespective of whether they use Panda Security Software or not.

Panda Safe Browser

Panda Safe Browser features

  • Panda Safe Browser is based on Mozilla Firefox offers virtualized private browsing mode means your browsing data will not be saved to Computer or the session data is deleted when you close the browser.
  • Panda Safe Browser is based on multiple layers of protection that minimize the risk of an infection from web to only a theoretical, almost , impossible chance.
  • It runs with no plugins means no malware can exploit the Panda Safe Browser.
  • The browser will be run with limited permissions, means any malware exploiting or attacking user’s operating system from browser is none.
  • Inside the browser Firefox runs on Linux Operating System which is with less vulnerabilities
  • This browser is a virtual machine, means it functioning is isolated from user’s PC.

Panda Safe Browser is free to use, uses VirtualBox which will be downloaded and installed in your Computer during install of Panda Safe Browser.

Download Panda Safe Browser  [3 MB ]