Google’s safe browsing used by Google Chrome and Firefox browser offers built-in malware and phishing protection for users, when you about to view a phishing or malware site Google’s safe browsing warns you to navigate away from that page, Nope for Chrome will help you in avoiding visiting phishing sites by alerting about visited misleading site with a warning page.

When a site URL caption display links to a website but takes you to a different site, then easy to say that website misleading you to go to a different domain other than it displayed, is a phishing site. 

Nope Chrome extension warns against phishing links

What Nope will do is,  it checks every link on the page you visit.  Links that display a URL to a different domain than what they link to will be replaced with warning page much similar to Google’s safe browsing warning.

Then you can proceed to that site at your own risk, or proceed to the original URL in the caption or you can back to the site you are browsing. You can test how this extension warns against misleading links here.

Nope Chrome extension