Want to show your friend your desktop with cool look you can try various themes and wallpapers for sure, but you can try My Cool Desktop free app which turns desktop icons layout into various shapes such as Cube, Triangle, Square and you can select more shapes and view your desktop layout in real time.


Using My Cool Desktop

Download and install the app. You need to uncheck  auto arrange of icons and Align to grid options by right clicking on the desktop before using this app.

MyCoolDesktop turns desktop icons layout into cool shapes

After installing this app, My Cool Desktop automatically saves your current desktop icons layout so you can revert back to that whenever you want.  Now the play part, from My Cool Desktop application window select shape listed under “All Shapes” with auto blend enabled you can see selected shape effect to desktop icons in real-time without even applying them.

You  can save layout with “Save Layouts“ option or restore saved  layout by from “Restore Layouts” option in MyCoolDesktop UI.

My Cool Desktop is freeware and supports Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download MyCoolDesktop