KooBits eBook Reader enables users to open and view most eBook formats such as PDF, ePub and other interactive eBooks in KBJ format and helps users to manage their eBook collections. KooBits offers interactive features and transforms the way people enjoy eBook on Computer.

KooBits ebook Reader

KooBits eBook Reader includes many interactive features such as video streaming, audio narration, annotating with highlights or stamping as well as lot of animations.  KooBits is not only an universal eBook Viewer but also an eBook manager as well.

KooBits eBook Reader can open popular eBook formats such as PDF, EPUB, XML, HTML, KBJ and more. KooBits is collective shelf for your eBooks to read, organize and manage all your eBooks in one place.

KooBits eBook Reader is freeware, supports Windows XP and above Operating systems.

Download KooBits eBook Reader