We’ve covered that TwUnfollow will notify twitter users when users unfollowed them on twitter, JustUnfollow another twitter app helps to unfollow twitter users who doesn’t follow you and also lets you follow those who follows you.

Using JustUnfollow to unfollow non followers

Login to twitter with your username and password, visit JustUnfollow and click “Sign in with  Twitter”, this app uses Oauth  to connect to your account so don’t fear of loosing your password.


Allow JustUnfollow to connect to your twitter account, after that click “Show Non-Followers”, this app lists who doesn’t follow you and shows unfollow button for every each user.

Select Users whom you want to unfollow and click  Unfollow. This is manual process, if you’re automating bulk unfollow and  bulk auto follow users using any app, then twitter may suspend your account.

By clicking Show fans, this app displays your followers whom you doesn’t follow, select the user click ‘follow’ to follow them.