Chrome Web Store is now live and available to try some apps from Google Chrome browser, Chrome OS  launch is delayed till mid 2011. You can visit Chrome Web Store from Google Chrome browser or you can reach it by clicking “Chrome Web Store” icon on the New Tab Page.

Chrome Web Store is online market place where you can discover thousands of apps, extensions, themes for Google Chrome. You can find interesting apps through search box or browse through  categories. Each item in the store has its own page. However apps currently not available in all countries.

installing free apps from Chrome Web Store

To Install Free apps form Chrome Web Store

  • Visit Chrome Web Store, browse or search for apps.
  • Free Apps will have “Install” button available, where for paid apps you’ll see “Buy and install” button.

Other way is just enter free in the search box, Chrome Web Store shows free apps, extensions and themes.

Once the App is installed, its icon appears on the New Tab Page.

Installing extensions from Chrome Web Store (video)

You can uninstall app by, right clicking on the app’s icon on New Tab Page and select Uninstall.