Are you in difficult to find your favorited items on Twitter, Google Reader, don’t worry Faveous which is in Beta collects all your favorites from Twitter, Google Reader, (and soon YouTube and Facebook  “likes on links” ) in one single place.

Faveous will be fully integrated with day to day using popular services like Twitter, Google Reader, YouTube and  Facebook, so  you don’t need to login to Faveous .


Faveous works even offline, for a example when you mark tweet as favorite it will be synced next time when internet connection detected and available. You can find  your favorited  items on twitter and Google Reader in Faveous.

Faveous offers search box with powerful search engine functionality allows you to find your favorites easy. All your favorited items will appear under “loved” tab.

Your Facebook Likes  Links will be found on Faveous. Faveous is in beta, you can signup here to get an invitation.