Google Chrome 9 Beta released with Chrome Instant aka Google Instant feature disabled by default,  Google Instant integration with Chrome’s Omnibox lets you get instant search results and instant web pages as you type.  Not only search results appear instantly but in-line predictions will also guide your search from Omnibox.

If you are using Chrome 9 Beta you need to enable Chrome Instant ,

1.  Click Wrench icon>Options>Basics

2.  For Search section make sure “Google” is selected as default search engine and select “Enable Instant for faster searching and browsing Omnibox input may be logged”.

enable or disable Chrome Instant

3. Click Close to save changes.

To Disable Chrome Instant  you need to uncheck Instant option enabled earlier under Options.

After unchecking that option, you can keep Google as your default search engine and search suggestions will be shown as appeared before on Omnibox.

Note:  Google will log whatever you type on Chrome’s Omnibox after enabling Instant, read logging policies for Chrome Instant if you are concerned about your privacy.