Easy-Data Media Player is free media player, plays all types of audio and video files provided you have all necessary codecs installed on your Computer. This media player offers various useful tools to join movies and split a movie, extract audio from video, allows to make movies from images, take snapshots from movies and a lot  more.

Easy-Data Media  Player

Easy-Data Media Player features

  • Plays all types of movies with the right codecs installed.
  • Take Snapshots and save as .JPG, .BMP, or in .TIFF formats.
  • Combines several video files to one output file.
  • Split/join files.
  • Convert movies to and from several formats.
  • Extract sound from movies.
  • Add sound to movies.
  • Create movie out of pictures (with or without sound).
  • Create a snapshot containing 16 images from a movie file.
  • Decode a movie frame by frame.
  • Add effects, text, logos, etc..
  • Inbuilt multimedia search engine.
  • Playlist,  Movie library (experimental)
  • Portable, Screencapture of video.

Easy-Data Media Player is freeware, works with Windows XP/Vista/7.

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Annoying thing when compared to VLC,  which installs with all codecs necessary to play every format, Easy-Data Media player requires these codes to be installed on your Computer, to play all types of files.

Download Easy-Data Media Player