Opera promised to release final version of Opera 11 before Christmas, its on the way Opera released first release candidate of Opera 11.  From Opera’s blog post it is clear that they are siding away minor bugs and getting ready for for launch of Opera 11 final.

Oepra 11 Release Candidate 1



  • More detailed output for "-profilinglog": those affected by slow startup should use this to generate a new log
  • Updated Speed Dial background
  • Added background image to the find text toolbar, geolocation, and friends and another background image to the bookmarksbar
  • Translations strings updated

Tab stacking

  • DSK-321939 (With vertical Tab Bar, stacks animate out of the Tab Bar)
  • DSK-321956 (Repainting issue when stacking tabs)
  • DSK-321965 (Opera freezes when UI animations are disabled and tab is moved)
  • DSK-321971 (Cannot move tabs in the middle of a stack to another tab to create a second stack)
  • DSK-321990 (Dragging and rearranging stacks can make tabs disappear from UI)
  • DSK-321993 (Can not move rightmost tab stack to the left)
  • DSK-322020 (Dragging tab into stack can produce two expander arrows)
  • Fixed order of tabs dropped when you drop more than one from the window list into and stack or into normal tabs
  • Fixed some crashes


  • CORE-35166 (Documentedit crash when clearing the undo/redo stack after typing in Hebrew)
  • DSK-317885 (Filter icons: need to clear the alpha before painting into the bitmap)
  • DSK-320674 (Quick reply messes up body’s HTML source when replying to an HTML message when you have "prefer HTML formatting" set)
  • DSK-321243 (Mail panel scrollbar doesn’t always move when tabbing to out-of-view sections)
  • DSK-321295 (Clicking on collapsed section header at bottom of panel doesn’t scroll section into view)
  • DSK-321296 (Clicking inside long section scrolls other sections out of view)
  • DSK-321458 (Gray out ‘limit filter to messages in parent’ for top-level labels (and rename to ‘label’))
  • DSK-321556 (Grey out hide feeds when only feeds added to the panel)
  • DSK-321623 ([Infobar Button Skin.hover] needs image, not color)
  • DSK-321638 (Fix [Yes] in Go to Intranet toolbar)
  • DSK-321945 (Content blocker toolbar should be set to ‘wrap’)
  • DSK-322029 (Feed selector in mail view tab toolbar doesn’t work with feeds only)
  • DSK-322030 (‘Label as’ list missing in feeds-only installation)
  • DSK-322048 (Problems with keyboard navigation in Mailing list panel section)
  • Added mail label menu shortcut to the 9.2 Compact keyboard shortcuts
  • Fix for broken context menu when using keyboard on accordion section headers
  • Fixed an issue with the mailto dialog missing favicons


  • Fix for .oex file icon on Windows
  • Fixed an issue with the translation of "Extensions" in the O-Menu


  • Numerous small tweaks and fixes to the Windows installer
  • Possible fix for recreation of ‘desktop.ini’: we are interested to hear if this works for affected users

Download Opera 11 RC1 for