With Chrome Web Store availability you can able to install apps, themes and extensions for your Google Chrome browser,  installed apps icons appear on the New Tab Page. We’ve covered how to enable default web apps in Chrome 8, Google Chrome Canary build has the options to create desktop shortcuts for Chrome web apps from new tab page.

This feature already exists in Chrome that allows to create shortcuts to websites.  With desktop shortcuts for Chrome Web Apps we can able to launch apps in Chrome with a single click, much like we used to open various app from desktop.

creating shortcuts for Chrome Web Apps

Supposing that you’ve already installed web apps from Chrome Web Store,

1. Open New Tab Page  Right click on the app icon, select Create Shortcut,

2. Chrome asks you to create app shortcuts by showing with pre-selected Desktop, start menu and Pin to Taskbar options,

shortcuts for Chrome Web Apps

3. Click “Create” and desktop shortcuts for app will be created on the desktop, pinned to Windows 7 taskbar and added to the  Start menu.